My name is Amber Canerday, and I am a fourth-grade teacher. You might be curious how you landed on this website. The straightforward explanation is I grew up in family business and established a successful online business years later. I made the difficult decision to close that business once I decided to return to the classroom. After accepting the role of Social Media Manager for my current school, I (re)discovered my love for business and marketing-a love I was unaware truly existed until now. I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of West Alabama. 

my Latest project

I’ve recently partnered with a local real estate client to transform his online presence. With the strategic use of social media management, engagement will soar, attracting a wider audience and nurturing valuable connections. From captivating property showcases to informative posts, I’ve tailored content that resonates, establishing the realtor as a trusted industry authority. 

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